Since I was young, my main interest has been to create things. Combining that with my other big interest, other countries and cultures, gave me the courage to move from a small town in Sweden, all the way to Japan in 2005. I have been living and working as a designer in Tokyo for almost nine years now.

My design path started in Sweden working as a GUI game designer for various platforms. When I moved to Japan, I started working as a web designer and doing HTML and CSS coding a fair amount of Flash websites. I also have some experience in working with Wordpress and implementing jQuery when needed.

After a while I discovered that I wanted to spend more time designing, and less time coding, and since 2009 I have been working solely as a designer and with my knowledge and experience in coding, I can work more closely and have a deeper understanding how the developers work, to create the best creative solutions on whatever platform I’m working on.

I have experience starting on projects from scratch and seeing them through to the very end. Doing everything from concept creation to all the detailed graphical assets.

For me it’s not too important what I work on, as long as I can use my creativity, challenge myself and have a lot of fun. The most important thing for me is that work is fun and that my work environment is comfortable, creative and full with inspiration. I'm a team player and I enjoy working with other likeminded people.

On my free time I enjoy making electronic music, skateboarding, snowboarding and spending as much time as I can with my family.

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Check out a selection of my latest works on Behance or feel free to browse through a more comprehensive collection of designs by clicking the links below:

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